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Pressure Washing

Price -  $99 per pressure washing hour


Your property's exterior is susceptible to many different environmental factors and weather conditions.  This can expedite the growth of mold, mildew and fungus, which without regular cleaning, can deteriorate many types of building materials, making them unsafe and unsightly; all while lessening the value and life span of your property.  We all clean the inside of our home to make it cleaner, safer and more visually appealing.  For these same reasons we will put our expertise to work in cleaning the outside of one of your largest investments, which is most visible to all.  You can be assured that we have taken the time to research industry proven cleaners and equipment so that we can offer you the best services at the most affordable prices.

House Washing
Delicate surfaces like vinyl siding require a more gentle approach when cleaning. With current "Soft Wash Technologies" we are able to clean your home from the ground, eliminating the use of damaging and unsafe ladders. With soft washing and detergent injection we can apply our cleaning solutions evenly, wait only minutes, and rinse with very low pressure removing ALL contaminants.

Estimated Time:
House - (1,500 sq ft -  1 Story House )      2hr - 3hr
(2, 500 sq ft  -  2 Story House)     4hr  - 5hr

pressure3Decks and Fences

A wood deck in America is a beautiful thing when kept clean and protected from the elements. We consider pressure washing a deck an art of precision. Even though a pressure washer is used in the cleaning process, very little pressure is used. There are many different types of wood, each having different characteristics. Some species are much softer and require even more finesse. Along with many types of wood, there are a variety of cleaners and strippers that are used to remove dirt and algae or failing sealers.

Estimated Time:
Decks – (1 level deck - 2hr – 3hr)
Fence - (240sq ft per hour)

pressure4Concrete / Driveway’s

Cement can be one of the most challenging substances around a home to clean. Concrete is very porous which allows dirt, tree sap and rust stains or actually mineral stains, to sink deep down making it almost impossible to clean with just soap and water. In order to clean concrete effectively, you must use a commercial grade power washer along with professional grade cleaners made for cleaning concrete.

Concrete,/Driveway - 15 x 15 ft - 2 hr

Price - $99 per pressure washing hour  FREE ESTIMATE